Club Repeaters

  • Culver, IN
    146.670 mHz
    -  .600 Offset
    131.8 pl
  • Culver, IN
    443.250 mHz
    + 5.0 Offset
    131.8 pl

Upcoming Events

  • 4th Monday at 7PM
    - Club Meeting
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN
  • 4th Monday at 8PM
    - VE Testing
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN


Marshall Cnty ARES Page


Weekly ARES Net on the
K9ZLQ (146.670 - 131.8pl)
Thursdays at 7:30pm (ET)

Band Conditions

 Amateur Logic TV (Updated 02/11/2022 at 11:46 AM)

Amateur Logic TV

November 18, 2023
AmateurLogic 187: Buck/Boost, Balun & M5 Ham Radio
Tommy builds the M5 Ham Radio project. George makes a high quality 4:1 Balun. Mike assembles a Buck/Boost converter device for use with QRP operations. 58:56
October 28, 2023
Ham College 106 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 44
E9B Antenna patterns and designs: E and H plane patterns, gain as a function of pattern,antenna modeling. 38:09
October 21, 2023
AmateurLogic 186: 18 Years of AmateurLogic
AmateurLogic.TV celebrates 18 years on the air. George reviews the Craftsman Battery Powered Soldering Iron. Jocelyn demonstrates the MFJ-1898 Portable HF + 6 Meter Antenna. Emile introduces Outlook Package Message Manager. Mike explores OpenWebRX +. Announcing the winner of our 18th Anniversary contest and Icom IC-705 prize package giveaway. 1:26:43
September 30, 2023
Ham College 105 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 43
E9A Basic Antenna parameters: radiation resistance, gain, beamwidth, efficiency, effective radiated power. 57:59
September 16, 2023
AmateurLogic 185: Unwrapping The Layers of an Unun
Mike exposes an Unun. Tommy renews his FCC License step by step. Emile hits the Pi Bullseye. Announcing our 18th Anniversary Contest with an Icom IC-705 and a package of great accessories from MFJ. Contest details are available at 1:19:47
September 2, 2023
Ham College 104 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 42
E8D Keying defects and overmodulation of digital signals, digital codes, spread spectrum 51:57
August 26, 2023
AmateurLogic 184: Huntsville Hamfest 2023 & Emile’s Adventures in Space
Visits with friends at Huntsville Hamfest 2023. Plus Emile’s adventures at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. 1:22:32
July 29, 2023
Ham College 103 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 41
E8C Digital signals: digital communication modes, information rate vs. bandwidth, error correction. 47:43
July 15, 2023
AmateurLogic 183: Field Day & Friedrichshafen
W5AXC and W5SLA Field Day Events. JPC-12 40-6 Meter Vertical Antenna. Friedrichshafen 2023 1:30:00
July 1, 2023
Ham College 102 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 40
E8B Modulation and demodulation: modulation methods, modulation index and deviation ratio, frequency and time division multiplexing, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing and balanced modulators, detectors, mixer stages. 58:29
June 17, 2023
AmateurLogic 182: Cheap Tricks for Field Day
Tips and tricks for a cheap old field day. Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station. Building a high quality 1:1 balun. 1:16:04
June 3, 2023
Ham College 101 - Extra exam questions - Part 39
E8A AC waveforms: sine, square, and irregular waveforms. AC measurements, average power and PEP of RF signals, Fourier analysis, analog to digital conversion: digital to analog conversion, advantages of digital communications. 57:37
May 27, 2023
AmateurLogic 181: George & Mike’s Excellent Adventure
George & Mike cover the premiere Hamfest of the season, Hamvention 2023. Visits with friends and vendors. Plus some great new finds you may not be aware of. Hamvention is always a fun, entertaining event and this year was no different. 1:39:34
April 29, 2023
Ham College 100 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 38
E7H Oscillators and signal sources: types of oscillators, synthesizers and phase-locked loops, direct digital synthesizers, stabilizing thermal drift, microphonics, high-accuracy oscillators. 59:40
April 15, 2023
AmateurLogic 180: Cheap Old Geaux Baux
Emile builds a Geaux Baux. Software for NanoVNA analyzers. Dual Band Satellite Yagi, The Sequel. 1:20:24
April 1, 2023
Ham College 99 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 37
E7G Active filters and op-amp circuits: active audio filters, characteristics, basic circuit design, operational amplifiers. 51:22
March 18, 2023
AmateurLogic 179: Tales From The Transmitter
George takes to the swamp for a 50 Kilowatt ‘Tales From The Transmitter Site’. Tommy explores BlueDV OTG. Mike builds a dual band Yagi for working the satellites. 1:20:47
March 4, 2023
Ham College 98 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 36
E7F DSP filtering and other operations, software defined radio fundamentals, DSP modulation and demodulation. 1:00:07
February 18, 2023
AmateurLogic 178: USB Relays, Nano VNA, WFD Rearview
Easily and cheaply control relays over a USB port. Nano VNA explorations. Brutal Winter Field Day rearview mirror edition. 1:06:31
February 4, 2023
Ham College 97 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 35
E7E Modulation and demodulation: reactance, phase and balanced modulators, detectors, mixer stages. 48:54

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