Club Repeaters

  • Culver, IN
    146.670 mHz
    -  .600 Offset
    131.8 pl
  • Culver, IN
    443.250 mHz
    + 5.0 Offset
    131.8 pl

Upcoming Events

  • 4th Monday at 7PM
    - Club Meeting
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN
  • 4th Monday at 8PM
    - VE Testing
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN


Marshall Cnty ARES Page


Weekly ARES Net on the
K9ZLQ (146.670 - 131.8pl)
Thursdays at 7:30pm (ET)

Band Conditions

 About ARES (Updated 09/09/2022 at 10:13 AM)

Marshall County ARES / RACES Team  

Emergency Coordinator - Chuck Dilts, N9CAD

Assistant Emergency Coordinator Frank Endres, KC9OJG


What’s the Difference?

ARES:  Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) is sponsored by the American  Radio Relay League (ARRL).  ARRL has the longest history of public service of any Amateur Radio emergency communications provider organization.

RACES:  The federal government created RACES after WWII.  The FCC addresses the need for Amateur Radio to function as part of a state, county or local  Civil Defense agency in time of national emergency or war.


Who are we?

Marshall County ARES/RACES consists of FCC licensed amateur radio operators that have been trained in emergency communications,  They have volunteered their qualifications and equipment for duty in public service when a disaster happens.  Our group provides support operations as well as a reliable backup system when normal means of communication has failed


Who we provide for...

Public Service Events - Numerous Training Exercises - Government Agencies

Disaster Relief Organizations - Emergencies and Disasters


Our Training…

Administration Procedures - Communication Technology - Disaster Preparedness

Message Handling - Weather Awareness



How to join our Team..

Before you can do anything, you need to get an Amateur Radio license from the Federal Communications Commission.

Once you have your license, the rest is up to you. What you do next depends on what sort of equipment you intend to use and what type of communication you'd like to try.

Membership Requirements include…

Þ An Amateur Radio license from the FCC

Þ Attendance to monthly meetings and Participation on weekly on-the-air nets

Þ Periodic training

Þ Participate in events and operations

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